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  • Arrive at Asahikawa Park Hotel
    【Asahikawa Park Hotel】
    Address:Takasagodai, Asahikawa City

    ■Free parking, no reservations required
    ■check in:From 15:00 PM  check out:~ 11:00 a.m.

  • Check in at the front desk on the 3rd floor of the hotel
    Our hotel is a small resort hotel with 27 rooms.
    We will guide you through the check-in information one by one.
    If you have any questions or concerns during your stay at the hotel, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact the front desk.
  • Enjoy a welcome drink in the 3F lobby.
    The lobby has three large glass walls.
    In front of you, you can see the Daisetsu Mountains mountain range on a clear day.
    You can also see the view of the city of Asahikawa below, so you can enjoy a welcome drink while looking at it.
    One of the features of our hotel is the fantastic night view of the beautiful lights of the city as the sun goes down.
  • After entering the room, first go to the hotel 2F "Showa bath"
    The Showa Bath on the 2nd floor of the hotel has separate baths for men and women.
    It's not a big bath, but it has a "medium bath", a "small bath", and a "water bath".
    First of all, how about relaxing here and taking a bath?
  • Hotel 2F "Showa bath" sauna
    There is one sauna each for men and women.
    In the low-temperature dry sauna, you can relax and sweat away for a long time.
    The new sauna at eS.
  • After working up a sweat in the hotel's bathhouse and sauna...
    To the sauna village "eS." next to the hotel!
    It is a brand-new black building, and when you enter, it is a modern space with a unified black and wood color scheme.It is a spa exclusively for hotel guests, so it is less crowded and can be used like a private spa.
    You can receive a towel set at the reception and use the spa separately for men and women. (You can use the spa as many times as you like, but you can only rent the towels once.)
    At the reception, you can also rent a water server, drinks, and ponchos.
  • To the view bath of Sauna Village "eS."
    It is a different bath from the tatami mats in the hotel's "Showa bath".
    It is an observatory bath, and you can see the scenery beyond the glass wall.
    Also, on fine nights, you can take a bath while gazing at the beautiful starry sky.
  • Enjoy the open-air bath and sauna at Sauna Village "eS."!
    There are two saunas, "MACHI Sauna" and "YAMA Sauna", which alternate between men and women. (For details, please see the dedicated page for "eS.")
    The open-air bathing space is also large, so it's great not only for cooling off after the sauna, but also for sunbathing and taking a nap!
  • Then, go back to the hotel and have dinner at "LUMINE" while watching the night view.
    Starting with the most popular "LUMINE" beef grill set, there are 5 types of grand menus, and there are course dishes that add seasonal flavors, seasonal flavors, local flavors, and originality for each season.
    Dinner at the restaurant on the top floor of the hotel while watching the night view is a situation that can only be experienced at the Asahikawa Park Hotel.
    I think that the beauty of the night view that changes throughout the four seasons is worth seeing, and I would appreciate it if you could also use the dinner at "LUMINE".
  • Sauna Village "eS." ~again~
    After dinner, go to Sauna Village "eS."
    Guests can use it as many times as they want.
    The fantastic atmosphere of the sauna, which is completely different from the daytime, is exceptional!
    Please use it while looking at the starry sky and night view.